Marcel Camargo And The Brazil You Never Heard
An ongoing series of  live concerts and studio records that strives to celebrate
music from all over the world via the lens of Brazilian musician  Marcel Camargo.

Brazilian musician Marcel Camargo has set out to produce an ongoing series
that showcases lesser-known compositions and presents new perspectives
on well-known ones. Each Episode of the series is released as both a live
concert and a studio record. While the focus is on Brazilian music the repertoire
embraces music from all over the world, illustrating how Brazil is both influenced
by and influential to the international music scene.

In the Brazil You Never Heard series Marcel's many musical facets - guitarist,
singer, composer, arranger and producer - have room to be featured and it's
around his arrangements that each show is conceived. Each arrangement aims
to uncover the stories hidden behind a piece that is played, for example his
version of Jobim’s How Insensitive shows the listener how the tune is related
to Chopin’s E minor Prelude (aka. Suffocation). Or the arrangement of Stevie
Wonder’s Send One Your Love brings out Stevie’s Brazilian influences and
illustrates how closely knit the Brazilian and American musical histories are.

“A big part of the success of the series lies in the caliber and uniqueness
of the groups that I’ve been lucky to assemble to present the material,
” says the artist. Often including a string section, horn section, rhythm
section and sometimes other instruments such as the harp and the mandolin,
these large chamber groups have the capability of bringing all the details
of a given piece to life and opening the listener to musical moments that
might have otherwise passed by unnoticed. Some of this series’ previous
episodes include: Behind Jobim, a collection of pieces that were influential
to Brazil's most internationally renowned composer Antonio Carlos Jobim,
Brazilian Pop music of the 70’s and 80’s, an exposition of Brazil’s pop music
of that period, A Brazilian Perspective on American Music, Marcel's takes
on new and classic American tunes, done with a Brazilian twist.

The episodes will continue to be created indefinitely and be presented as
both live concerts and studio records.